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Answer It, Prove It, Sell It

How do you answer those tricky interview questions? Let's be honest, it's a pain! But Personnel 2000 is here to help you, so check out the 3 tips below on how to overcome this hurdle during your next interview. Answer it – Give the interviewer the...

5 Reasons To List This Important Date On Your Resume

Here are 5 reasons to list your graduation date on your resume: 1.Prevents a red flag:If you leave graduation dates off your resume, you’re not fooling anyone. Even though so many career advisers tell you to leave graduation dates off your resume, HR reps and...

How To Respond To Challenging Interview Questions

Responding to challenging interview questions 1. "Tell me about yourself." This question is asked to find out about your job skills, recent educational background, and any experiences related to the job at hand. Refer mentally to your resume; briefly recap your skills...

How To Choose The Best Recruiting Agency

Relocating to a new country, wanting to change your job or career path, looking to receive some advice on your cv – it can be hard as a candidate to know where best to go for this, which agency can offer you the best service? put you in touch with the best roles? It’s...

3 Tips To Prepare for an Interview

Let’s face it, interviews are tough. You’re in the room with the interviewers and they are trying to decide if you are the right person to bring into their company to help drive their business forward. You are there trying to convince them of this while trying to...

7 Habits That Are Driving Your Colleagues Mad

Monster has identified the 7 most annoying habits that drive your colleagues insane. You might be able to think of a few more but who is guilty of any of the following…. Making an unreasonable amount of noise Causing chaos on conference calls Being a source of strong...

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