Answer It, Prove It, Sell It
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How do you answer those tricky interview questions? Let’s be honest, it’s a pain! But Personnel 2000 is here to help you, so check out the 3 tips below on how to overcome this hurdle during your next interview.

  1. Answer it – Give the interviewer the information they are looking for, especially with technical questions. Outline briefly and succinctly in order to show them your knowledge on the given subject.
  2. Prove it – After giving the interviewer the information that they need in order to satisfy them that you know what you’re talking about it is time to prove that you can do it. Give them practical examples of how and when you have carried these duties out to further bolster your answer and provide the evidence for that.
  3. Sell it – This is where you really hammer the question home, you’ve set yourself up, proved you have the knowledge and experience now show them what they will gain from it. At this point you finish off by explaining the benefits to their business that you can bring with everything you have already outlined above, show them the benefits of having you in their business.Till next time!

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